Distortion in long recordings

I am still using Audacity 2.4.2., because of privacy concerns with the newer versions.
I record for many hours straight, surveillance like.
After something like 4 hours, the recorded audio is distorted.
I think it did not happen a few times, but there is more than 50% chance, that it will happen. Maybe the length of the recording has some effect.
I have no clue, what could be causing this.

Windows Audio Enhancements could cause this. Make sure they are turned off.
If you go to Edit > Preferences > Application, you can turn off “Check for Updates”. This prevents Audacity from “phoning home”. For the complete privacy policy see:

Corrected link: Desktop Privacy Notice | Audacity ®

i can neither confirm, nor deny windows to be the problem. but it is well known, for having numerous problems.
if someone figures a more educated guess, do share it.
ill try to confirm the magic number “4 hours”, as i never had an interest, when exactly it starts.

i cant see an edit option?! weird.

so i just made an 7h.1m.57s recording and the distortion starts at 4h.8m.32s.
interestingly there is some noise, that coincides with it. i cant tell, what this noise could be, though. does not sound, like i ever heard it.

i dont see an edit option, again. weird
made another record. distortion starts at the same time. i can not pinpoint it, but it is 4h8m33s. no clearly distinguishable, weird, coinciding sound this time.
i wonder, what this magic number means - ~14433 (seconds).

from that number, with some weird mathematics, i can find some relation to 44100Hz - a known sample rate, which i am not using. i use 24/96.
2^14 = 16384; 16384-14433=1951; sqrt(1951)=44.170(seconds); 44.170*1000=44170(milliseconds)

nobody else has this?
nobody tested this?

apparently, audacity has a bug.
another record distorts at 4h8m33s.
i wonder, if it is present in the latest version. i assume it is. as nobody here said, it was a fixed known issue.
ill move this, to the feedback section. maybe, there will be more interested parties, in there.

so edit works, for a while.
i figured another weird math: 4, 8, 32 are powers of 2.

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