Display coordinates of point on Equalization graph

A feature I would like added to the graph of the Equalization effect is the display of coordinates for a point on the curve. As the user moves the point with the mouse, the display would show the exact frequency and decibel values for the current position of the point. At present the user has to estimate the correct position of the point for values that do not fall on grid lines. Coordinates could be displayed in edit boxes where the user could enter exact values from the keyboard.

If you are on Windows there are various free equalizer plugins which do that, (and operate in real-time),
e.g. ReaEQ by Cockos
ReaEQ by Cockos Inc.gif
If you mean frequency-analysis , rather than equalization, see SPAN

http://www.voxengo.com/product/span/ (free)

I mean the Equalization effect. Does RealEQ plug in to Audacity and make changes to the current project, which show when Plot Spectrum is selected from the Analyze menu? I do not want a drastically different equalizer in Audacity, just a display of coordinate values for a selected point.

Unlike Audacity’s native equalizer, RealEQ changes the equalization in real-time : you can immediately hear the consequences of adjusting the equalization, see … https://youtu.be/cix4K9ACzEo?t=11m40s

I agree that this is a good, useful idea.
The Equalization effect is overdue for an overhaul (in particular I would love for Equalization to have "real-time preview). When this happens I shall do my best to either add the feature that you suggest, or something similar (functionally the same).