Disable Windows Signal Processing on recording

Windows seems to reprocess sound from a microphone assuming it’s speech. This involves a compander and who knows what else. On Zoom, I had to go into advanced settings and disable Windows Signal Processing on audio input to get acceptable results with music.

How do I do the same if I’m recording live sound with Audacity?

I feel I need to because a Fourier transform of sound recorded by Audacity shows a cliff-edge cut-off around 7.5kHz, whereas if I record (to the cloud) with Zoom the spectrum goes up to around 15kHz. I can only surmise that Windows Signal Processing is doing the damage.

I’m running Win10 on a Lenovo T430.

Lenovo computers can have a second layer of audio enhancement called MaxxAudio.
As with Windows audio “Signal Processing” it needs to be turned off for faithful recording and playback.

Thank you @Trebor but MaxxAudio doesn’t appear to be installed. As you say, Windows Signal Processing needs to be turned off (which was my conclusion precisely). But HOW? I’ve clicked every Advanced button I can find and no sign of it.

MaxxAudio does not appear on the list of installed programs.
MaxxAudio (made by Waves audio) is also part of Dell Audio in my case …

MaxxAudio in Dell Audio

As for Windows audio enhancements …

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