Disable equalabel

I installed audacity version 3.1.2
But the equalabel module is not activated


Look in the “Tools” menu. It should be listed as “Regular Interval Labels”.

Sorry I typed
The plugin name is equalizaion
I could not edit my post

In the plugin section, equalization is deactivated after activation

That may be a left over remnant from an earlier installation of Audacity.
Look in the Effect menu and you should have two equalization effects:
“Graphic EQ”
“Filter Curve EQ”

If you have those two effects, then you can safely ignore the “equalization” remnant, though if it really bothers you we can do a full reset of the effects (which should clear it).

Two plugins were enabled but equalization was not enabled
I completely deleted the program and folder of the installation location
And I reinstalled but did not reactivate
I disabled and re-enabled all plugins but it still did not work
The program has bug

Audacity settings are intentionally separate from the installation folder. This is so that users don’t lose their customization when they update Audacity.

To reset registered plug-ins you need to delete the “pluginregistry.cfg” file from Audacity’s settings folder. On Windows the settings folder is:


(where “” is your user name)

thanks for your guide
There is no equalizaion plugin
Has it been removed in this version?

It has been replaced with “Graphic EQ” and “Filter Curve EQ”.

Thank you