Direct help for a BLIND user of Audacity

I introduced a young blind girl into using Audacity, in the hope that she may expand her horizons.
Whilst she has endeavoured, with some local Blind Association support workers trying to help her,
their experience of the program itself seems inadequate for her needs, and whlst I am a user of the
software, so to is my indepth knowledge of Audacity, lacking. Is there anyone out there that can fill
this void, and is prepeared to spend some time to help Tracy move forward in her endeavours?.
If you are prepared to help, further information will be made available, but confidentially obviously.

I would encourage her to join the Audacity4Blind mailing list and ask for help there: .

Make sure she has the latest Audacity 2.0.3 which has the best accessibility features: .

Unfortunately we do not have the resources on this Forum to offer specialised help for blind users.


The mailing list may be a little cumbersome and deals mostly with specific problems.
I am maybe one of the most proficient blind users on this forum. I am always trying to improve the accessibility of the program by either writing Nyquist plug-ins or post my biased opinions about accessibility issues.
Send me a PM if I can be of any assistance.
Best Regards

Thanks, Robert for offering to help privately.

Can you possibly send Eurocoachman a PM yourself and perhaps give him your e-mail address? Eurocoachman does not have privileges to send you a PM.

The blind list is quite good. Some of the users have authored audio files to help getting started with some common tasks.

Also have a read of David Bailes’ JAWS guide to Audacity: .

This is useful even if she uses some other screen reader than JAWS.


Thank you gale for the hint.
Bailes’ guide is really recommendable for a start up.

Our tastes divert regarding the mailing list.
There’s too much advertisement and the navigating is horrible.
However, everyone has to decide for himself.

I guess it is OK if you subscribe and receive the e-mails?

It is not easy to use their web site, I agree.


I try to prevent my Inbox from briming over.
However, It is certainly interesting what has been written in 7 years.
And it is certainly easier to follow up a subject when it is automatically sent to you.
It would give a great tips and tricks book if the valuable information from the archive could be extracted, filtered and put together in a concise and categorised manner.
The same is of course true for this forum.

I have a blind musician friend who would like to use Audacity. I’ve been surfing the Internet trying to find concise, useful information on the subject . . . not too much success, unfortunately.
I am unable to send you a personal message on the subject, the forum does not allow me that privilege. Any help or advice you could give would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

There is some information in this topic.

In my opinion, it is much better your friend joins the Audacity4Blind mailing list. There are lots of blind users there who will be happy to write out blind steps to do tasks, or point to JAWS scripts or introductory audio presentations on using Audacity as a blind person. We can’t provide specialist blind support on this Forum.

Your friend can also read this JAWS Guide for Audacity: Audacity 2.0.5 Guide . It’s useful for other screen readers too.

Of course this is independent of any answer Robert makes, but Robert is on the audacity4Blind list too.