DIRECProject files - can they be opened in Audacity?

Can I open DIRECProject files in Audacity?

Somebody recorded some music through a sound system, and gave it to me on a usb as a list of Track folders and DIRECProject files.

I’m using Audacity Portable 2-0-2. I’m using it on different computers.

No you can’t.

These are probably “project files” for “TouchMix” by QSC.
Unfortunately their help forum is not currently accessible, but from what I can glean from Google, the DIRECProject files are XML files (similar to Audacity’s “.aup” project files), and like Audacity’s project files, they don’t contain any audio, only a set of instructions to tell TouchMix what to do with it’s project data.

To use those recordings in Audacity, you will need to ask that “somebody” to send you the audio files. I see that on the QSC website they have an application called “TouchMix to DAW utility” for converting TouchMix projects to normal audio files. I think you need to ask that “somebody” to run that conversion application and then send you the audio files that it produces.

The help forum for TouchMix (not currently working, but hopefully a temporary problem) is here: http://forum.qscservice.com/