Dinamic equalizer


I don’t know, what is a correct name of this plugin, but I think, it is a dinamic equalizer. I have a question. In audacity, can I do, something like these.

I try explain It, but sorry for my terrible English.
This effect do something, like move from low pass filtered sound to high pass filtered sound or vice-versa. Also, this sounds must have some resonance.

Can I do this thing in Audacity or exissts some effect of It?
Thank You, Marco.

Could it be a “sweep filter”?

What questions? Because I noticed some sections of f-a-q, for example recording or errors. Where I can find this question of sweep filter or this, what do You think? Thanks.

see … Nyquist code for "gradual" high-pass filter please

For sweep with “resonance” see … www.kvraudio.com/product/classic_auto_filter_by_kjaerhus_audio
a link to “Classic Auto-Filter.dll” (by_kjaerhus_audio) is a quarter way down this page … Missing features - Audacity Support