Digitech GNX4 - Help!!!

I bought a Digitech GNX4 used, it was really cheap but it didn’t come with any of the software that they come with from the factory.

Does anybody know if I can transfer audio from my GNX4 to Audacity via USB like you can with the Pro Tracks software?

If you’re not familiar with the GNX4, it has an 8-track recorder on it which records to a flash card, then connects to your computer via USB to transfer your tracks.

Could I do this with Audacity?

If so, could you please walk me through it?



Apparently you can just download the software from DigiTech, but I’m not registering to find out:

If that fails, you can always plug the Line Out of the GNX4 into your computer’s Line In and record it as it’s playing using Audacity (set Audacity’s edit → preferences menu to use the Line In as a recording device). Or take the Flash card out and take a look at it using your computer (if you have a Flash drive).