Digital Vocoder Program?

I was just wondering if there was any plug-ins for audacity in which when recording vocals, I could make them sound digitized. This is an affect made popular by R&B artists such as T-Pain and Usher. I was just wondering if there was a way I could emulate this.

There is a vocoder plug-in available for Audacity that allows you to apply a vocoder effect to tracks after you have recorded them.

I looked all over there. I can’t find it. I must have missed it. Oh and I forgot to mention I have OSX.

There is a (nyquist) vocoder right in the Effects menu of my Audacity 1.3.5.
(I have unicode version for Windows XP, but I think this is not important.)

Furthermore there is “mda Vocoder.dll” mentioned on
and a link is provided.
For this you will need to install VST ENabler, which is aviable for Mac, too.
(I do not know if the mda Vocoder.dll would work on Mac, however?)

There is “ELS Vocoder v1.6” (demo, VST, for Mac) on

All the above I found starting from the link given by the above post of Steve, and I think you will find more.
More details about VST Enabler on the same place.

Did you try “There is a similar set of LADSPA plug-ins for <>” from the same page ?

I installed the “similar” plugin pack and now none of the options show up in audacity. I’m confused. @_@