Difficulty with exporting files in WMA and WAV formats

Day one in trying to use Audacity.
I finally managed to export a file in both WAV and MP3 formats to my other application, where I further processed the files so as to split into individual tracks, add track names and then save…
However, whereas the finished MP3 file was correct, the WAV file lacked information in the properties e.g. name of group, track name and track number. I used to be able to add in this information by right clicking on the file and opening Properties, but this Windows 11 machine of mine won’t let me do that.
Also, when I tried to export as WMA format, I just got the message
“Properly configured FFmpeg is required to proceed. You can configure it at Preferences > Libraries”
Well I looked at Preferences > Libraries and could not make any sense of it?

Can anyone please explain how I get WAV and WMA files, with track information in the properties? Thank you

Metadata tagging is not well-standardized or widely supported for WAV files. All of the other popular formats are better for that.

But try Mp3Tag. It’s easy to use and if you have an album you can optionally select all of the files and update the common information once. (It works on all of the standard formats, not just MP3.)

Audacity is “not great” for metadata, and it doesn’t support album artwork at all. Plus with Audacity, you can’t edit the metadata on an existing file without re-writing the whole file or over-writing the old file. With MP3 or WMA that means another generation of lossy compression.

Download and run FFmpeg_5.0.0_for_Audacity_on_Windows_x86_64.exe.

Or it may be easier to convert your WAV files with Kabuu Audio Converter. Once you’ve set-up your output format and output location it’s just drag, drop, and click, and you can drag-in multiple files and convert them at once.

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