Difficulty to deal with the "hand shape icon"

I am new in audio editing. I like AUDACITY, due to its simplicity. However, I have problems with the “hand shape icon”. It prevents me from placing the cursor where I want. This way, I cannot cut my musical file at the position that I choose. How to solve this issue?

horizontal zooming will enable an exact cut.

Audacity has many Zoom tools that allow you to magnify portions of your show.


A three minute song may be difficult to edit with the hand icon, but a half-hour or longer show is impossible no matter what the pointer is.

I only use three zoom tools. Zoom Into Selection (Control+E or Command+E), Zoom out a little (Control+3 or Command+3) and zoom out to the full show (Control+F or Command+F). The command keys are used on the Mac.

For example, drag-select some part of your show and zoom into it with Control+E. Keep dragging and zooming until you see what you want. If you zoom in too far, back out a little with Control+3.


Hello all, I am having the same issue with the hand icon. I have used Audacity for years but this is driving me crazy. If I copy a portion of file and paste it into a new one for editing purposes, it refuses to let me fine tune the file. Maddening. I am doing exactly as I have in past versions, but it’s really confusing. I know how to work the zoom functions, and none of that makes a difference. Any help is greatly appreciated thank you.

This won’t help the OP now, but for future users, you may find you have snap activated which prevents fine tuning in a small section of audio. Locate the footer bar at the bottom of the project window and remove the tick for snap.

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