Different Errors running pipe test

To be clear,

  • I don’t have Windows 11
  • I can’t reproduce the problem on my computer
  • I’m no longer involved in developing Audacity
  • I posted an invitation link to the Audacity developer’s discord channel so that you can ask them directly

That would have been nice information to have few days ago.

I was hoping that we might have been able to solve the problem here.
Please do let us know the outcome as that may help other Audacity users on Windows 11.

@steve and @JohnMayo

I’ve created a Python package for automating tasks in Audacity, it is called audacity-scripting

You can install it with:

python -m pip install audacity-scripting

Run Audacity with mod-script-pipe enabled, and then run the CLI command:

audacity_scripting do-command --command "Select: Tracks=0.0 Start=0.0 End=0.0"

Desired output:

BatchCommand finished: OK

Also, you should visually see how Audacity’s cursor is now on the first track at the beginning of it (assuming there’s a track in your project).

I’ve tested it on both macOS and Windows and it works well, you can check the tests on Windows here - https://github.com/unfor19/audacity-scripting/actions/workflows/test.yml

Let me know if it works for you. Feel free to let me know if you have any suggestions for improving this tool.

Guys, for anyone who will look to this in the future:

  1. Don’t use os.path.exists on those pipes

  2. Use win32file.CreateFile instead of “open”

  3. Thank me later :smiley: