Differences between Tracks?

I was wondering if there was a “Blending Modes” (i.e. Photoshop**) - type option for layered tracks. I’m mainly looking for a “Difference” Blending mode…
For example, If I take a cd and rip the same track, once at 320kbps, and once at 180kbps… I want to hear what is difference is.
I know this sounds more like a “Subtraction” (subtract the 180kbps track from the 320kbps) – Which I would like to learn how to do too…
But my current curiosity is to hear the differences between 2 remastered versions of a track (one remastered from both DAT and analogue tape, and another from just analogue tape)

Any help would be much appreciated!!

**In Photoshop, if you duplicate a layer and set the blending mode to difference, the whole image turns black… if you make changes to one of the two layers, the image will only show the parts that are different (though not in the original colors).

Yes you can get the difference between tracks. Place the two tracks one above the other. Then select one of them and use ‘Effect’ → ‘Invert’; now when you play the tracks you’ll hear the difference!


Well, it’s subtracting the RGB values. So if the original was purple (red and blue) and your comparison track is red, the end result will be blue. If you don’t want it to do that, you need to do the arithmetic with monochrome-mix masks instead of straight colors.