"did not recognize type of file"

windows 7 x64, audacity 2.0.5:
Hello & Thanks,
Longterm goal: cut out vocal on a music file , or capture out guitar part .
I have a *.mp4 file.
And used VLC player to capture audio into a *.wav file .
The *.wav file plays fine in vlc and windowsMediaPlayer, but Audacity flags it as :
“did not recognize type of file” WillCircleUnbroken-StapleSingers-VLC-01.wav
Pls, how can I fix this ?
Or is there a better freeware-video-to-audio program ?

Just because it says it’s a WAV file…

You can add FFMpeg software to Audacity and it will open up a great many more file types than Audacity will on its own. Scroll down.



Did you set Windows to show you filename extensions? If you didn’t, it’s possible what you really have is WillCircleUnbroken-StapleSingers-VLC-01.wav.m4a, and Windows is hiding the .m4a part.


I was able to create an *.mp3 and a *.wav file from the speaker playback of the *.mp4 .
The input settings that worked for me are:

[Windows WASAPI] [speakers high def] [speakers high def] [2 stereo input]

Before I could [Export] to mp3 I needed to download and install :

Thanks All…vm

You only needed LAME to export as MP3.

But if you had FFmpeg you could have imported the MP4 instead of record it.