Did I lose my recording?

I just recorded an hour long interview in Audacity. I hit stop, but then I accidentally hit record again briefly. I cannot now locate the hour long tract that I originally recorded. I can find all of the test recordings I did prior to it. I can also find the brief accidental tract I recorded after it. I went through the “History” and deleted the tracts that were not the one I needed. I cannot find the hour long tract anywhere? I know it recorded because I watched it to make sure both of our voices were being picked up during the hour. Please help. I am going to be so sad if I lost this interview, and the other person will be extremely annoyed as well. :frowning: Thank you!

I have Windows 7 and downloaded audacity-win-2.1.2

Did you try View > Fit Vertically? When I make a new recording, the new track pushes the old one up so it’s not visible any more. If I make the window taller or force a fit, both tracks magically appear.


That sounds exactly like my favorite problem. I never pressed Record for the interview. I check my levels before the event so my meters are bouncing so everything looks normal. Everything before then is present and in good order and the brief snippet is there, but no interview.

What was supposed to happen when you hit stop was Audacity armed itself for a second track underneath the main interview. If the second track is the only track, then chances are good you only hit Record once.

I wish I could say I’ve only done that one time.