DFX Audio Enhancer with Audacity

Windows 10; Audacity 2.1.2; installed from .exe

At least once per week I record a podcast utilizing Audacity. Now I have started doing audio transcription and am considering installing a program called DFX Audio Enhancer to help with that task. Are these two programs likely to play nicely together?

Moderator note: links to DFX website removed.

It appears to be for playback, not production.

…If you like what it does to your sound, that’s cool. But personally, I’m based against “magical mystery” effects where they don’t tell you what it’s doing. These guys don’t know any “tricks” that other effect developers don’t know but they are trying to keep whatever they are doing secret.

People report they’ve got malware (Trojans) with downloads from that website … https://www.mywot.com/en/scorecard/fxsound.com

You can get free a real-time equalizer plugin which works with Audacity [in Windows] here …
I’ve used it myself , no malware attached.

Thanks for the replies! I may not have been explicit enough with my intent, so let me explain further. I’m happy with Audacity as of this moment and don’t want to change anything.

The audio transcription work is hosted online, and the audio file cannot be downloaded. Therefore, I can’t open it with Audacity (more’s the pity). Many of these files are less than optimal sound quality. DFX was suggested as a program that could make the sound more clear and easy to understand.

You can record streaming (online) audio in Audacity … Tutorial - Recording Computer Playback on Windows - Audacity Manual

Yeah, I’m recording podcasts and manually type notes (quotes) into the Label Track in real time, and later go back and edit/spiff-up the TXT file. It would be great to have the whole program transcribed. Can you describe this more?

As for that new player, I’d be careful with any program that has Big corporate logos plastered across its webpage. :laughing:

Have found that VLC player can launch a Podcast from a desktop icon if you can `dig out´ the direct URL.

Now… how best to automate all that?


I don’t transcribe online podcasts but https://speechpad.pw/ is one possibility.


Gents, I’ve though about this kind of task for many months, and it seems best to use Label Track hotkeys to place a `marker´ (if you can’t type in a whole quote) at point in the audio that’s of interest. Then later go back and review, make note, type full quote, adjust Label marker pins, etc.

Are you really going to read the entire transcript? for like 50 mins? … and many of those files come out with tonnes of errors anyway.



For your podcast, I would open it in Audacity, listen to small sections at a time, and type into a Word file what I hear. For example, if you are interviewing someone named Mark, it might look something like this:

Ed		This morning's guest needs no introduction. He is an author, speaker, life coach, and philanthropist: Mark Miller.

Mark	 Thanks for having me, Ed. It's a pleasure to be here.

Ed		I understand that you just returned from a speaking engagement in Peru. Tell us a bit about that.

Mark 	It was a fantastic experience.

It is simple but not as easy as you might think. If the audio quality is good and people speak clearly, it’s a breeze. If not, it can be challenging. Pricing is normally a flat rate of so much per ‘audio minute’ - how many minutes the audio runs, not how many minutes it takes to transcribe it. Hope this helps.