Devil voice (like DMC4)

Hello. I’m just interested in that how to make some voice effect from Devil May Cry 4 which would sound nearly (or exactly) the same as here:

Minute: 4:40 —> Nero (the guy in red coat) is talking as the half-demon/half-human.

I need to make a short movie to school and very need that effect (it would sound so powerful and professional^^)

Please, help me.

You probably want the vocoder effect. We talked about this in another thread. It’s the Peter Frampton effect in that Geico commercial. That tool lets you generate any sound at all and then use your voice to modulate the sound. He made his voice sound like his guitar, but you can use any sound like the hiss between stations on your FM radio. Remember radio?


Exactly I think that should help, but I can’t set vocoder in order to the voice be the same as in the movie: ( I’m sux in that plays: ( Could you help me, please?

You have to play the movie segment over and over and figure out what sound they were using for the base effects track. It doesn’t have to be a musical instrument or noise generator. It could be another distorted voice, very low for example, saying the same lines. That would give you multiple distortions that don’t sound like anything you’ve ever heard before. Record your car starting on a cold morning and run that through the vocoder.

I know you want me to tell you what button to press or which clip to download to make that exact same effect. I have no idea. I’d be listening carefully with headphones and making good guesses just like you.

Goog the song with search terms like “Voice Special Effects.” Somebody may already have produced a whole web site on how they did it.


Ok, thx. I’ll try some tricks. If I manage to make the same voice, I will write how to:)