Device Toolbar not detecting Piano

I am using a Windows 10 laptop, and trying to connect my Alesis Recital Pro 88 keys to my laptop just to record audio. The keyboard has a USB-B port so I connected it directly to my laptop. I went to device manager and ensuring that my Windows PC detected the piano, however, when I enter Audacity I cannot find my piano from the microphone drop down from the Device Toolbar. It only grabs the microphone from my laptop and I am in a deadline to send piano audio. I have spent several hours but just cannot figure out a solution :frowning: anything would help!

I believe the USB port is MIDI, not digital audio. Audacity is not a MIDI application. You’ll either need a MIDI application, or you can use an audio interface with line inputs to record the analog output with Audacity

Okay I understand. Applications like Garageband should be able to input MIDI I believe. Would you know of any Windows DAW that support MIDI? Apologize if this is not the right forum to ask.

Reaper, Cubase. Sonar, … most of them.

Does the piano have a headphone connection? That’s normal analog sound and you might be able to record that. That’s how I do it with my Yamaha keyboards.

My machines have stereo analog connections, but if you’re on a Windows laptop, you might be able to use your computer Mic-In. That would be better than what you have now which is zip-nothing.