UPDATE: Here is the link to the latest version of the Dereverb plugin. Information below is outdated.

Hello, I am posting a macro that suppose to reduce a reverb. (This was built in Audacity 2.4.2.)
Dereverb.txt (3.47 KB)
This is just a proof of concept stage. My plan is to “convert” this concept into a plug-in, possibly with these controls:

  • Simple mode:
  • Intensity
  • Expert mode:
  • Intensity for 0-400 Hz
  • Intensity for 400-1400 Hz
  • Intensity for 140048000 Hz
  • Intensity for 4000-24000 Hz

My knowledge to build Nyquist plugin is very limited, I am still at the beginning. So I am bringing this concept here on the forum to get possibly a feedback. If you give me useful comments to the macro, I would be very happy to apply them and improve this concept. Then I will build the plugin based on this concept.

How does the macro Dereverb work:

  1. It splits audio into four frequency bands
  2. For every frequency band it duplicates the track. ON duplicate track it inverts audio, apply hard limit and mix back with original frequency band track.
  3. It mixes back all adjusted bands into one track.
    Probably it is not necessary to explain you the possibilities to control different parameters at different stages. Now the macro is “static”, and you need to go into macro to fine-tune the setting.

Any suggestions, comments are very welcomed!
Thank you.

I doubt that will de-reverb. Maybe a multi-band limiter, but not de-reverb.
$tore-bought de-reverb plugins use much more complicated algorithms, even AI,
(and the results are far from perfect)

Thank you for your comment. I respect that. And it is true that no miracles should be expected.

I have converted this concept into a plugin. The original approach to reduce reverb in respective bands was replaced by a simple gating. I posted it on the Nyquist plugins forum with more details. Here is the link.

This thread can be closed or removed. Thank you!