Dell XPS 15 9570 shuts down with Audacity

I’m trying to convert cassettes to MP3 with Audacity 2.3.3. This was slow but successful with my HP laptop (Windows 7,) but the Dell XPS 15 9570 (Windows 10) shuts down as soon as I hit Play on the cassette player. Thanks for your help!

I assume this happens even when you’re not running Audacity?

The cassette player is probably shorting-out the USB port and I recommend getting rid of it before you permanently fry the USB port!

Thank you for replying.
I’m not using the USB port; I’m using the mic-in port, as I did when I converted cassettes with my old HP laptop. One difference, however, is that the HP had separate ports for mic and headphones whereas the Dell has only one port for both. When I plug headphones or the cable for uploading into the port, I get a query on the screen asking what type of accessory I’ve plugged in. Using headphones works fine.

Problem solved! Your comment about the cassette player made me wonder if I should use a different one, and that solved the problem.
Thank you!
Now, I have another question. Which audio format should I use for YouTube? The YouTube instructions are mp3 in a WAV container, but the export options are either mp3 or WAV. Any suggestions?

Use WAV, although I think you have to upload an audio/video file so the WAV equivalent would be “PCM” or LPCM" in an A/V file…

YouTube is probably going to compress/re-compress your audio & video so uncompressed (PCM) will insure only one generation of lossy compression. For the same reason, export to regular uncompressed WAV if you are going to import into a video editor.

[u]YouTube recommends AAC[/u] (which is MP4 or MPA).

The YouTube instructions are mp3 in a WAV container

I’ll bet those instructions didn’t come directly from YouTube. :wink: YouTube can handle/convert almost anything to their formats, but otherwise anything non-standard in a WAV container just confuses everybody.

YouTube only accepts video files …

Supported YouTube file formats - YouTube Help.

The video image can be a still or slideshow with a very low frame rate, so adds little to the (audio) file size .

Last night, I was able to upload an mp3 with a photo to YouTube by using
Is there any problem with doing it this way?
Thank you soooo much with your help with this!