Deleting vocals

I’m new to Audacity and trying to reduce/delete vocals from a track. I’m using 10.13.1 High Sierra.

I’ve followed tutorials to split the track into stereo and the invert the bottom part but the problem comes when I am supposed to convert the two tracks to mono. I don’t have that option in my drop down menu.

I know this might be a very basic question but I’m stumped and would really appreciate any hep you could give me.


It might be easier to use the Vocal Reduction and Isolation effect than to manually split, invert and mix.

– Bill

I am having the same issue. No ‘Mono’ dropdown option.
I am new to this as well and don’t know how to do Bill’s suggestion. I only am learning with inverting track then making mono. The question being: Did Audacity remove the Mono option? Move it? I cannot find any mono option anywhere. Please Help also!
Thank you for anyone’s helpful reply!

In Audacity 2.2.1 (which is available here if you don’t already have it:, to convert a stereo track to mono:
“Tracks menu > Mix > Mix Stereo down to Mono”.

The menu name describes what the function does - it mixes (combines by “adding”) the audio from the left channel with the audio from the right channel, and returns a mono track containing the mix.

Please don’t try following old YouTube / Lifehacker type tutorials. They are nearly always out of date, frequently have errors and misinformation, and cause a lot of confusion for a lot of people. There are up to date tutorials in the Audacity manual. In this case, please refer to: