Deleting the beginning of a project, keep timing the same on multiple track project

I’m using multiple tracks to edit audio and include sound and I can see how to delete portions of tracks and how it can shift audio from the rest of the track to meet the audio I’ve clipped. I find that useful for editing out things, but I ran into a slight problem when I didn’t realize I had some audio at the beginning of the project that I missed. I know I could generate silence, but I don’t want to have a longer than necessary pause at the beginning of the track. I tried using the envelope tool to bring down the audio, but while it did make it much softer, it’s still audible.

I want to delete that portion, but I’m afraid doing so will mess up the timing of all the other edits I’ve made where track one has the interstitial sounds carefully timed for beats but track 2 has the voice as well as the unwanted clicks and voices at the beginning. Had I been more careful, I’d have realized it before starting, but now that I’m where I’m at, I want a way to not only clear out the audio in track 2, but have everything in the entire project shifted as well so that the timing is not affected later in the project. I have the feeling there is a way to do this, but I am extremely new to this program so I’m hoping for kind help.

There’s several ways you can do this.

You could “silence” the audio rather than “deleting” it. Select the part that you want to silence, then
“Edit menu > Remove Special > Silence Audio”

You can “Split delete”. This is like normal deleting, except that it leaves the “hole” where the audio was.
“Edit menu > Remove Special > Split Delete”

You could delete the same section from all tracks.
Make the selection in one track, then
“Select menu > Tracks > In All Tracks”
Then delete.

If you select the audio you want to be replaced by true silence
then press “Ctrl” + “L” keys it will be completely silenced, not just attenuated.
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