Deleting Effects

Is there a routine for deleting an applied effect to an audio file other than
creating an effect chain and then deleting it from there? What am I missing here?
Seems kinda clunky.

I’m running Audacity 2.0.5 on a PC.

Thanks in advance,

What exactly are you trying to do when you say “delete effects”?

If you apply a single effect like Wahwah and you want to remove the change that effect made to the audio, use Edit > Undo, as I already said in your other post.

If Wahwah is in a Chain, you can only undo the complete sequence of effects that are in that Chain.

In many cases you cannot directly undo an effect by applying it again with different parameters. For example there is Effect > Reverb, but no Effect > Deverb. Almost no audio software has a deverb effect.

Similarly, applying a specific effect in a Chain, then applying the Chain again without that specific effect included in the Chain does not undo the effect. Doing that explicitly leaves the effect applied.


Thanks for clearing this up.
I understand the protocol involved now.

Good to go.
Thanks again,