Delete audio from recording with other audio

Hi folks, got a question!? Does anybody know if it’s possible to delete audio from a recording with an other sound file. I made a recording of a conversation (interview) and on the background was the tv on. There was a discussion program on the tv so it’s very irritating. I extract the audio from the tv program, is it possible to delete this wave from the interview recording?


Audacity can attenuate noise, if it is a more or less constant noise, like hum, or hiss, or even a table saw noise.

Human voice or music from a TV simply cannot be removed, because it isn’t constant. It’s impossible for the filter to recognize it.

I was thinking that it might be possible to analyze the frequencies which are used in the tv show. And filter those frequencies on the recording. It will never be perfect, I realize that. But I could try it, if it is at least possible. I downloaded the tv show and extract the audio.

In theory, that’s a good idea. In practice, it won’t work.

The frequency bands of the show are too different from your recording, which is changed by room tone and reflections.

You’re free to try of course, as it might just enhance legibility a bit, fi for transcription. But if it is for broadcast or podcast use, it will sound awful and honky.