delay in software playthrough

Hi, new to the forum… I’ve had audacity before but having trouble with the newest version. I’d greatly appreciate any help or advice. I’m working with windows and when recording vocals over an instrumental, I would like to hear myself while recording. So in preferences and recording I selected (software play through) now, I can hear myself in the headphones while recording. the only problem it is slightly off (delayed) and it throws me off while I’m recording… if anyone can help I’d very much appreciate it, so frustrating lol

You can try reducing latency with Edit → Preferences → Recording → Audio To Buffer. A bigger buffer helps to prevent “glitches”, but it adds delay.

You may have to use a different hardware setup that allows you bypass the computer and monitor yourself directly. [u]Here[/u] is a similar discussion that may be helpful.

Or, you can try Googling “Reduce Audio Latency”. There are LOTS of things you can try, and many people do get acceptable latency while monitoring throgh the computer. (Sometimes it requres “pro” hardware & software with ASIO drivers.)