Delay in recording and playback track

dear i am facing a problem in audacity,which is a recording problem…(when i insert my kareokee track in audacity and then record while play the track it seems everything is going fine but when i hear the recorded stuff there is a gap between track voice and my voice…i tried so many times but failed…i use headphones to hear and mic to record the voice…

Which version of Audacity? (Help menu > About Audacity)
What sort of computer?
What sort of microphone?
What operating system?

following are the informations …
i am using 1.2.6 of audacity.
i am using laptop Acer aspiro 5720.its Dolby digital live sound written on my laptop.
fulll configuration is acer aspiro 5720 intel core 2 duo processor T75000 2.2 Gh 800 Mhz FAB,4 mB l2 cache
upto 358 Mobile intell Graphics Media… and the ram is 2GB DDR2 with 160 GB of hard dirve…
i am using stero headphones with mic attached with it…although i have also used a seperate mic in the recording jack…but the problem is still there…
i am using windows vista home premium…

additional info

i have also uninstall and then reinstall the driver form the acer support website and also renewed the operaitng system but the problem is still there…
what to do with it :cry:

Is that USB?

Edit menu > Preferences > Audio I/O
“Play other tracks while recording new one” = ON
“Software Playthrough” = OFF - If this is on it could be the cause of the problem.

You may be able to configure your microphone to play through your headphones through the Windows Control Panel - it depends on the drivers.

its not a usb its ordinary heasphones with mic attached…
i have tried the above stuff but dear it didnt work for me…
i am not able to solve the problem…
dear i have also tried a seperate mic i dont know where is the problem…

I’m having some difficulty understanding exactly what you mean.
Can you try to describe what you mean by “there is a gap between track voice and my voice”.
Do you mean that the there is a delay between one track and the other? Are the two tracks out of synchronisation? If so, how much out are they and is it a constant amount? Can it be fixed by dragging one track left/right with the Time Shift tool (double headed arrow)?

gap means that when i tried to sing with the kareokee track it seems evrything is goign fine but when i listen the recorded stuff it seems to me that i am going out of beat u understand means there is a difference that mic roecords my voice…what i think is the difference of less less than a second…
why its happening i havet used that time shift to use ot

The TIme Shift Tool is the button with two black arrows on it, left and right. Select the track you wish to shift and press that button. You can click and drag the sound track to the new location.

This error is not serious. Audacity 1.3 has latency controls in Preferences that you can adjust to make this problem go away – or become very much less serious.


yes it solved my problem :smiley:
i need another help where could i learn to know the use of proper sound effects and their values its critical in points like1.33300 etc difficult to understand which value to chose.also the frequency and about project rate what that term mean…
thx in advance…

Digital sound is usually described in three numbers, like 44100, 16-bit, Stereo. That’s the specification of Music CD audio.The first number, sample rate is the fineness of breaking sound up into digital numbers. That generally affects whether or not you have clear, sparkling sound.

The second, bit depth is the size of the digital numbers in your digital sound. That number can affect how quiet or loud the sound can get. Third is the number of sound channels, two in the case of stereo.

You would think that you would want the maximum number in each of the values for best possible quality, but the music digital size goes up when you do that and if you go crazy with large numbers, you’ll only be able to fit three songs on your iPod or music player.

The numbers can also change depending on your job. If your job is to listen to music, then CD audio is fine. If your job is to apply filters and perform special effects on the music, then higher values may be needed. Low digital values get damaged easier than high ones.

Most people can’t tell quality changes in digital sound values higher than Music CD.



here is tool thats called a pencil tool whats its use and also multitool mode its resembles with the timeshift tool.

The pencil tool allows you to change the sample points in your sound.

If you magnify your work (select and Control-E) and do it many times, you will eventually get to the point where you can see the individual digital sample points (little dots on the blue wave). The pencil tool will allow you to select and move one of those points.

It’s not immediately useful because you need to move many thousand points for any change to be heard in the show. It’s more useful for the people using Audacity for scientific jobs.