Delay in Playback and Delay in Recording

I’m getting a delay with trying to Playback a Track and a delay with I am trying to record a Voice/Audio Track. Also at times the Playback Arrow is scrolling but the playback sound is delayed. How do I fix this? Thanks

[u]This page[/u] shows how to check latency (delay) and compensate for it.

There is a always some delay through the computer (the delay is caused by buffers which are required due to muti-tasking). It can be compensated for to synchronize the recording and backing-track but it can be a problem if you are recording yourself while monitoring and the delay in your headphones makes it hard to perform.

Thanks DVDdoug. But when I first starting using Audacity there were no delays when “hitting” playback or record . . . and now there is. So what caused the change and how to I correct or fix it. “It’s” really really frustrating and annoying. DS

@Dsnyder001 Which version of Audacity? (Look in “Help menu > About Audacity”)