Delay/Echo problem in output using Steinberg ur44

Audacity version 2.3.3 iMac OS 10.9.4 Audio Interface Steinberg ur44.

Terrible delay on UR44 output when clicking on “Click Monitoring” when recording speech as a mono track in Audacity.
This occurred after I re-arranged the positioning and size of the various meters on the audacity work page.
I have tried re-booting and re-downloading and re-installing audacity 2.3.3 but the delay problem still persists even when I assign output signal to the iMac’s internal speakers.
I can get around the delay only by opening the Steinberg’s dspFX window and selecting or de-selecting Mute and Solo options, but then I can’t hear playback of the recording in audacity unless I again re-open the Steinberg dspFX window and again select Mute and Solo buttons.
I don’t use monitors - only headphones connected to ur44 headphone socket for recording and mixing.

There will be an unavoidable delay when routing the input from the Steinberg through to the iMac’s internal speakers because there is no direct (hardware) connection between the two - the signal has to be routed by software through buffers, which is slow.

If the Steinberg supports “direct monitoring” (zero latency monitoring), then you should be able to monitor the input with no delay provided that your headphones are plugged into the Steinberg and direct monitoring is enabled (this is independent of the recording software). Note “Software Playthrough” MUST be disabled in Audacity (it is off by default).

:slight_smile: Steve, you are a life-saver. Thank you so much for your timely and efficient response. The “software play-through” option box in Audacity preferences had been enabled. Your advice to disable that option has sorted out the problem. I would never have been able to figure that out. Extremely grateful to you. Respect.