DEL key bugged?

So just recently updated to this version (2.2.2 on win7 64bit), but i’m having trouble utilizing the DEL key

It occurs when selecting an area using the counter instead of dragging over the timeline. I’ve looked in the keybindings and tried other combinations and CTRL+ALT+K does the trick. I’ve changed it to the DEL key, which unbinds it from the original DeleteKey2 spot so it doesn’t conflict, yet, the DEL key still doesn’t work.

DEL keys are a bit peculiar. How they are mapped can vary depending on the type of keyboard layout. If you can use a different key or combination of keys, then I’d suggest that you do that.

Hmm, but it’s the dedicated key for deleting things, and it worked perfectly fine in previous version.

Are you sure you are using the same DEL key? (my laptop has two DEL keys).
If it worked in a previous version, then as far as I’m aware it should work now. Try resetting the keyboard preferences to “Default → Full” and see if it comes back (See near the bottom of this page:

It is the same and only key. The problem here isn’t the key not working ever, as It does work when i drag over the waveform. It does not when i use the start/end counter. It’s like it loses focus.

I have already tried resetting, as well as delete all delete key options and mapping only the DEL key.
I have also tried pressing it virtually with authotkey - not working.
I have also mapped alt+k to the original spot of “deletekey2” - works.
I have tried alt+del on “deletekey2” - does not work

Somehow it does not with DEL, or Backspace i just found out.

Ah yes, I see what you mean. Yes, that’s exactly what is happening. The “numeric text control” is eating the Del key event. I don’t think we can do anything about that.

The same “problem” occurs with number keys (though this is less surprising) - if focus is in the Track Panel, then the number “1” key will play one second (default key binding), but if focus is on a numeric text control, the control “eats” the key event and a “1” is entered in the control. Numeric text controls capture many key events, including numbers, cursor keys (up, down, left, right), Del, dot “.”, “#”, “|” and some others.

Hmm, k. Weird since this is how i always did it in the previous version (i think 2.0.2)

But, I guess i can make an autohotkey then.