hi what can audacity do about hiss?im using windows 64 bits on a dell computer


If you want hiss, you can do that with Generate > Pink Noise or Generate > White Noise. Generate it on a second track under the show and Audacity will add it to the show when you export.

If you want to take hiss out, you can try the two-step Effect > Noise Reduction.

But it’s best not to have hiss noise in the first place. Excessive Noise Reduction can damage the sound. If you’re reading for Audiobooks, Noise Reduction can cause your submission to be rejected.

What’s the job? What are you recording and with what?


Audacity’s noise reduction is the tool for that. Apply it sparingly :
hiss occurs across a wide band of frequencies, subtracting it inevitably damages the sound you want to keep.

There is a noise gate plugin, which will reduce/remove hiss on audio which should be silent.
(a noise gate has no effect on hiss which occurs during speech/music).

I have this 78 that I believe has hiss…the needle is a elliptical 3.0x0.5 a shure cartridge…this is the only 78 that has this hiss…


I figured it out myself…thanks anyway…


I figured it out myself…thanks anyway.


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