Defaults for Recording

  1. Why can I not record to a mono track in the new Audacity 3? I am doing a podcast, but gosh, for bands, some mono-tracks would be necessary.
  2. Why o why o why is the default to append to end of first track when recording something more? Why can’t I start recording exactly where I put the cursor…whether inside existing track where I have made silence, or on a track below? This is vital in editing my podcasts. I have looked at preferences and there seems to be no way of changing this dysfunctional situation. Please advise.

Audacity Preferences, Devices, recording, channels, mono …
Audacity preferences -record in mono.jpg

Audacity Preferences, Recording, Options, “Record on a new track”
Audacity preference - record on a new track.jpg

Okay, the third situation however, still is a problem. Still unable to record within an existing track. Now, it is not extremely annoyingly appending at the end, but now only creating a new track below, which is often unnecessary, and makes more work when later compressing etc. So, sometimes I want to record within the silence I created in the middle of an existing track. I used to do that in Audacity 2; can I get that to work again in Audacity 3?