Default settings in Silence Generator

In Audacity 2.0.5, Win XP-SP3 (changing over to a new computer with Win 8.1 in a week or so):

Is there a way to change the default duration setting in the Silence Generator FROM hh:mm:ss + milliseconds TO seconds?

I use seconds a lot (creating breaks for CD usage) and would like to have it be the default rather than having to use the drop down menu each time.


No, it’s a feature request. We have looked at it before, but the way it’s been coded, it’s a lot of work to change this. We could make Generators use the current Selection Toolbar format, or use the last used format. If and when we fix this, we intend to use “last used” as most users requesting this seem to prefer that.

If you generate at a point, why do you need to change the format? The milliseconds should be set to “000” so you should still get exactly the number of whole seconds you want just by typing the number of seconds.

Also if you copy the generated silence the first time, you can just paste it assuming you want the same silence each time.

Most CD burning software adds two seconds between tracks by default.


Most CD burning software adds two seconds between tracks by default.

But can change it via a burn setting. This is the provision for operas which want to sound correct straight through with no gaps, but still have acts and chapters on the disk. So you may not have to burn gaps into the actual show.


Should be available in all good CD burning programs (including good free CD writing programs). Not available in some cut-down “light” versions of commercial software.