Default settings for compressor?

Hi. I have a quick question.
Recently I was messing around with the compressor feature in audacity and changed the settings but now I want to set it back to the default settings but don’t remember what they were. There’s also no option to reset to default.

Can someone tell me what the default settings of the compressor effect is?
(Threshold, noise floor, ratio, attack time, decay time)


I believe it’s:

1.0 sec.

That’s correct. In the Manual, all the dialogues show their default settings unless otherwise stated. So you can go to Audacity Manual to look at the default compressor settings.

Do you want to “vote” for a “Defaults” button for effects? Would you use it often?


Similar to the “Flatten” button on the equalizer tool. I believe I’ve asked for that before.


That would not default all its settings though.

Yes your vote for Defaults buttons in effects was counted.