DeEsser Help!


I would really love if someone could help me, it is something tiny but it can change anything.

I hired a musician to create my song, I gave him my vocals, he made music and added effects to my vocals. Everything is perfect except the that the it desperately needs DE-essing.

I downloaded Spitfish and Tonmann DeEsser but I don’t really know how to use them so I see no difference in the vocals. I would appreciate if someone is willing to get my vocals and just fix the esses a bit or improve the overall quality in general, they are ear piercing currently and ruin the whole experience of the song.

Thank you for reading!

Tonmann DeEsser doesn’t work in Audacity Audacity 2.1.3 in Windows Vista

SpitFish does work
Spitfish DeEsser in action in Audacity 2-1-3.gif

If possible only use a DeEsser on the vocal track, rather than the mix which includes vocal+music, as it will affect sound of the musical instruments.

Yes I know that they work but I said that personally I don’t know how to use them correctly since they still are ear piercing and I hear no difference so I must be doing something wrong hahaha.

And yeah I use only the vocals isolated not the whole track of course.

I would appreciate if someone just takes the vocals and fixes this for me, since I don’t want to bother the person who created the entire song, he is too busy creating the next ones, but if it continues i will address it to him.

Thank you for reading!

If you attach 10 seconds of sibilant audio to a post, I’ll have a go with SpitFish to determine the settings.

Here it is

That’s got a lot of reverb on it.
DeEssing should be applied to the dry-vocal : before any reverb has been added.

Nevertheless here’s my suggested SpitFish settings …
''Stelios-SpitFish'' suggested settings.png
Stelios-SpitFish.xml (647 Bytes)
Optional: boost the treble (6kHz-16kHz) a little after applying the DeEsser.

It improved a lot, thank you!