Deciphering audio recorded to MacBook Pro internal microphone while it was playing audio through built in speakers


I know very little about audio, and this is probably not possible.

I was recording myself using the built-in mic on a 14" MacBook Pro overnight to document my dreams as I woke up. I was also at the same time playing sleep meditations through the built-in speakers.

I have learned that this does not mix well. I can hear myself but it’s muffled over the much louder recording of the built-in speaker and can’t make out what I am saying.

I have toyed around with compressor and noise reduction in Audacity without luck. Any other ideas within Audacity or other programs?

This is why you play your music to the headphones instead of the speaker.

If you set it up just right, you can get Audacity to mix the music with your voice in the headphones… That’s how Musical Overdubbing works.


Thank you very much. Yes I will need to get some headphones. I was trying to see if there some method in Audacity or some other program to try to decipher what I already have recorded?

No. Audacity can’t split apart two different shows in the same track. This is why you want to record your performances in a quiet, echo-free room.


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