Decay restoration


I’ve got a file with the decay sound cut. Can it be restored somehow so that the result sounded more or less natural?

You could try stretching the tail with the “Sliding Time Scale / Pitch Shift” effect, then use the Envelope Tool to shape the stretched tail into a natural decay shape.

Possibly a job for “Paul Stretch” which now comes with Audacity.
Make a copy of what you’ve got and stretch it, then blend the stretched version with the original.

Did you try to use a new Windows laptop to record Music? That can produce a very highly damaged tail on a recording and that show may be unrecoverable. Windows is doing that. You can turn that effect off in the Windows Control Panels.


Thank you for the ideas. I’ve tried it with the usual Sliding time scale and it wasn’t quite what I wanted. I’ll try the Paul Stretch too, need to update Audacity first.
What I came up to myself was to generate new reverb, but there was always a problem with the sharp transition between the original sound and the generated one.

No, the file is recorded by a friend of mine and he has lost the original MD.

Try “Cross Fade”.