Debug Error Keeps me from working on anything

I’m using 2.3.2 not sure if it’s alpha, it doesn’t say
using it on a macbook with High Sierra

Every thing was going fine on this project until I started getting these errors. That freeze my audacity. Then I have to force close the program, restart it and it keeps happening. I managed to save the individual tracks as wav files so I could open a new project and try again and I’m still getting the same error message. It’s impossible to get any work done because the circle keeps spinning and won’t let me close the screen, etc.
Usually the error happens when I’m clicking a button. This time, it happened while the track we playing for me to check my edits. Please advise.
Screen Shot 2019-07-21 at 8.23.46 AM.png

Let’s try resetting Audacity. Please follow the instructions in this forum topic.
– Bill

Go (top of desktop) > Computer. Tap Macintosh HD > File > Get INFO.

Read Capacity and Available.

Screen Shot 2019-07-21 at 19.54.35.png
That’s getting too close. I need to clean things out a bit at the next backup.


Thanks I did that.
Will see if it’s an issue on my next project. Thanks.
(I finished my other project in garage band)

Hi all,

I have downloaded the latest version of Audacity (2.3.3) and I am using MacOS 10.11.6, and I am still seeing this same error. Even after deleting the registration files.

It appears that the error occurs when I try to add a second track to my project.

Is there any update on potential fixes?

To all,

This issue appears when I add a MP3 file to my project. Even if I record audio, export it as MP3 and then re-introduce it to the project. It creates the error.

Does Audacity not handle MP3 files?

The current version of Audacity is 2.3.3.
I don’t know why you are getting the error, but there have been a number of fixes between 2.3.2 and 2.3.3, so perhaps worth trying the later version. You can get it via the Audacity website:

I’m having the same problem, just starting today. I upgraded Audacity to 2.3.3 (I’m on El Capitan OS X 10.11) and even after the update I’m still having the issue.

I started getting the issue after importing an mp3 into a workflow and then hitting “play”. Even after removing the mp3 and and re-adding it as a wav file, I’m still having this issue anytime I have multiple tracks on the project. It freezes on debug whenever I hit “play” on the project (or if it doesn’t, soon after).

I had the same problem. It seems to have corrected itself after I adjusted the audio in the imported track to the same Project Rate (Hz) as the other tracks.