Debreath plugin

This plug-in might already exist, by another name, but a debreather plug-in would be awesome!
It would find the breaths and you could either remove them or reduce them.
Especially good for audiobook recording!

This is one of the tools that has to understand content. You can’t just take all the breath sounds out, so it’s a lot harder than you think.

In addition, most people’s breath is part of their presentation. Unless you’re ill, breath is normal.


In other plugins, it has the ability to mark the breath, and then the user will edit the breath accordingly.

In other plugins, it has the ability to mark the breath

I believe you. Are you an experienced reader? I wonder how popular word-by-word editing would be if you’re reading your third book.

I also wonder how popular some of these tools like Breath Suppression, De-Esser, and Sibilent Management would be if you were using a microphone that doesn’t try to “help you” by accentuating all those vocal effects.

ACX AudioBook published a list of tools to avoid.

I have, twice, read voice test clips that pass ACX Conformance through simple volume changes. They even sound like me.

It’s not unusual for people to post vocal clips peaked, crisp and harsh enough to drill through oak. That’s a microphone and capture problem, not software.


Why are you being rude? This is a forum for a wish lists for plugins. The plugins have been developed.
I was simply stating a wish.
If it is not possible, could you not respond?
I am sorry I am new at this.
The debreather that I was hoping for is one from the debreathing video at

Have you tried the “Waves DeBreath” plug-in mentioned in the video to see if it works with Audacity? (it’s listed at $99 on the Waves website, with a demo version available if you register with them).

I don’t believe it was Koz’s intention to be “rude”, but rather to point out that breathing is “normal”, whereas excessive processing of spoken word can sound worse than the unprocessed audio. Many audio books are successfully published with very little processing. Even that video says that totally removing breath sounds should be avoided.

Waves V9 Debreath was actually tested with Audacity on Mac and Windows about a year ago.