DeBreath in Audacity : proof of concept

Using DtBlkFx , equalizer & AutoDuck …
DeBreath - proof of concept.gif
For more info on DtBlkFx, see …

I can see what you’re doing with Equalization and Auto Duck, but what is DtBlkFx doing?

I’m not 100% sure myself :blush: . AutoHarm on “between” emphasizes non-harmonic sounds, like the inhale noise …
So can be used to isolate the inhale noise. The equalization, (after DtBlkFx), separates the inhale noise from eff & ess noises.

DtBlkFx uses FFT which I believe is possible via Nyquist , but is way over my head.

It might be interesting to compare how well this technique works with and without the DtBlkFx processing.

The DtBlkFx processing is essential : it emphasizes the non-harmonic sounds, (hissy noises).
DtBlkFx is essential to isolate inhalation sounds.gif
Equalization alone is not sufficient to isolate the breath sounds.