De-clicker effect question

Hi there,

I seem to get a lot of clicks when recording and would really appreciate help/feedback. This is my process below (please see attached an unprocessed recording and de-clicker settings).

(Shure SM58 > RolandRubix audio interface > desktop computer).


  1. Record in audacity (export to wav)
  2. Process in Auphonic to wav (with the following audio algorithms selected: adaptive leveler, normalization, filtering and noise/hum reduction).
  3. Apply de-clickr in audacity

I have also tried it the other way around,ie de-click then Auphonic, but either way I was till having the de-clicker affecting other parts of my audio (creating that rumbling/raspy effect with certain words), whilst still having clicks here and there that I couldn’t get rid off. I read other forum entries and saw that people had adjusted the settings in the de-clicker somewhat so I did the same as them and it did seem to work much better than before, ie removing raspy affect on words. However, I was wondering if someone would be so kind to analyse my recording/see if my settings in the de-clicker suit my recording/voice in regards to the clicks I receive when recording as I do still receive clicks here and there. Ultimately, I would love to be able to de-click in one go and not have spend hours editing clicks (which I know might not be possible!)

I am a complete novice when it comes to analysing my voice in regards to what settings I should use, so any help is much appreciated. Also, I anyone has any suggestions in regards to my process of recording etc then I am open to suggestions.

Thanks in advance! (the recording is in Swedish, apologies!)



I think I’d be much more interested in experiencing the work before you applied any effects or corrections. We can’t take corrections out of a performance, so you are basically hiding the original problem from us.

  1. Record in audacity (export to wav)

That one right there.

Clicking is not normal behavior. We should solve the problem back when the computer put the clicking in, not try to take it out later.



Thanks for the reply. The file I attached is the original recording without any processing. Did you have a chance to listen to it? Does it sounds like abnormal clicking?

Sorry if I was not clear from the beginning!


This Nyquist code will not help clicks, (or hiss), but will remove the faint constant whine …

(setf *track* (notch2 *track* 1341 50))
(setf *track* (notch2 *track* 1288 50))
(setf *track* (notch2 *track* 1232 50))
(setf *track* (notch2 *track* 135 5))
(setf *track* (notch2 *track* 50 5))
(highpass8 *track*  20)

Nyquist Prompt in Audacity 2-3-2.gif
Nordic-whine-remove.ny (223 Bytes)

Thank you for the help.

Can you please, if you don’t mind, tell me your whole process to get to the final processed file you posted?

Thanks again,


First I made it louder …
RMS normalize to -18dB, then (soft) Limiter -3dB (no make-up gain).

Then I applied the notch filter code (above) to remove the constant whine.

( the code will work whether you make it louder or not: it’s not threshold dependent )

BTW there is a loud 10Hz signal on your original …

10Hz is inaudible, but could cause raspy effect if a tool which is threshold-dependent is applied.
The code above includes a high-pass filter which removes everything below 20Hz.
So you should apply the code before applying any other processing, (e.g. before de-click, gate, compressor ).