DC Bias

When I record streaming audio from the web, the right channel always has a DC bias. I’m using the sound capabilities of my motherboard, and I don’t need the fidelity to be very high, but the bias is annoying. Will a sound card give me recordings without the bias?

Does the DC bias always occur? (the fault could be in the audio that you are downloading).

I just ran recording tests on three sites, and each had the DC bias, so I’m pretty sure that it always happens.

In that case it would appear to be your sound card.
Have you checked if there updated drivers available? Surprising as it might sound, we have had DC offset issues reported here that have been fixed by updating the drivers.

I just checked, and I have the latest driver.

My best guess is the a sound card fault.

Thanks for the advice. As I said, it’s not a card but the audio capabilities of the motherboard, so I’m not all that surprised. I appreciate your help.

In which case you couldf be a candidate for one of the external soundcards that we have reviewed: https://forum.audacityteam.org/t/sound-card-reviews/8375/1