dBlue Glitch VST now works* in Audacity

Glitch is a VST plug-in effect for Windows-based sequencers that support VST 2.3 or higher.


A January 2008 review of the VST effect “dBlue Glitch” says …

"no real GUI, way less settings, Audacity crashes when applying "

http://wiki.audacityteam.org/wiki/VST_Plug-ins [bottom of page]

For me the dBlue Glitch GUI now works fine, it doesn’t crash either …
dBlue GUI now OK in Audacity.gif
The only thing I can’t get to work is the random settings on dBlue Glitch : the effects within dBlue Glitch always are applied, (effectively the probability for each effect is always 100%, even though you have set the probability lower). My failure to get the randomness to work could be my fault though.

Thanks, Trebor.

I still have the same problem that I always had - it seems to only apply one effect (apparently varied by “pattern bank”) irrespective of which of the nine effects you choose (I don’t have any effects “soloed”). I don’t see any “reverse” or “stretching” that it claims.

But something like this is beyond my patience and interests. If you believe it is largely functional in Audacity it could be reinstated on the Wiki page. Do you still think it’s functional?


All the nine effects within dBlue glitch do work (including the reverser and stretcher) , a preset XML for dBlue Glitch is attached which uses all 9 effects. It’s just the random application of these effects which I can’t get to work in Audacity. The effects you program into the sequence are always applied (100% probability) even though the display shows 50% probability (the default) for each effect …
DBlue Glitch effect (here ''retrigger'') always applied at regular intervals, despite 50 probability.gif
It could be Audacity’s incompatibility with VSTi which stops the effects being applied at random while the track is being processed.

Apart from the fixed 100% probability problem, dBlue Glitch seems otherwise fully functional in Audacity.
dBlue Glitch effects1-to-9 preset.xml (3.83 KB)

Thanks, Trebor. Agreed that alI the effects work if you click those panels underneath “Choose effect”.

It actually still crashes in 1.3.8 (the first version that supported VST GUI), but works in 1.3.9. I updated the Wiki. Thanks for the report.