Good morning all

I exported a multiple label project onto MP3 and WAV format
The exported songs (mp3/wav)are showing necessary data (ie Album Name,Artist Name etc)

I understood there was a problem with metadata and WAV
I burned a CD in MP3 believing that data would show and it did not

Is there a way (may be I am doing something wrong)to burn CD that would contains data such as Album Name;Artist name etc)
I am using Windows Media Player (12) to burn my CD
Any suggestion is welcome


snowstorm :wink:

There are two ways that I know of for adding text information to an audio CD.

  1. Through a database look-up. This is often used by computer media players when playing commercial CDs. Some computer media players support this for home made CDs, either through “song recognition” (such as “Gracenote” or “MusicBrainz Picard”) for copies of commercial recordings, or by the user typing in the information which is then stored in a local database.

  2. Through “CD Text”.

The second option is not strictly part of the audio CD standard, but is widely supported by computer media players, and some standalone CD players do also.

Adding CD Text is a feature provided by many CD burning programs (I don’t know if writing CD Text is supported by Windows Media Player, but it is supported by most good CD burning programs). CD Text can only be written when using CD burners (hardware) that support the feature.

I use nero to burn my cd’s and this has a section for adding the disc title and artists name but windows media player cant see this info for some reason. I have heard it is a common problem with wmp. Putting this disc in to my car player will show all the titles of the tracks but still does not show the album title that I entered. Not helpful I know but this is what I have found.

That works. I’ve used it myself.

Perhaps they have their own “standard”. Both Microsoft and Apple do that quite regularly.

Have you tried Foobar2000?
They are seem to try hard to be compliant with established standard. (the Foobar2000 interface looks a bit primitive, but it is a terrific audio player).

As I said previously, it is not strictly part of the CD standard, so how well it is supported is variable. My CD (standalone) player does not support CD text at all (but the sound quality is terrific, so that does not bother me :wink:).

Good afternoon

Thanks for all suggestions :

I went ahead and burned CD Text with WMP 12 both MP3 and WAV

and now can see data (Album,Artist etc)

and both of my players/burner (BluRay and PC) recognized the data

snowstorm :smiley: