_data folder recovery on chromebook

Hey everyone! I’m working with Audacity on a Chromebook, so to install the app I had to enable Linux and work through a Linux file that is separate from my computer files. I accidentally deleted _data (?) folder for a podcast I’m creating and am kind of freaking out. I still have the .aup file, but no .au files like a lot of other people with a similar issue seem to still have available. When I try to open the .aup file in Audacity it just says that the folder cannot be opened, and when I open it from my files it pulls up a bunch of text/code. Anyone know of a way this could be recovered so I can continue editing?? Thanks!

If I understand what you are saying, I am fairly certain you have indeed lost your work.
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

Mark B

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I thought that might be the case; thanks for letting me know!!

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