DAC Does not Detect 192 kHz Input Audio Signal

I just purchased a TEAC UD-H01 DAC and connected it via USB to my MacBk (10.8.5 & VMWare Win7) AND iMAC27 Boot Camp WIn7. I was successful initially on my iMac (Win7 boot) at creating 32Bit, 192kHz stereo tones and having the DAC acknowledge the sample rate. I have recently been unable to to receive anything above 44.1 on the DAC. All TEAC drivers are installed properly. Using Audacity 2.05 on WIn7 AND on OSX 10.8.5. Project rate is set to default 192kHz. Individual track is also set to 24 or 32 bit and 192 kHz. No Joy. Any ideas?

So this is on Mac hardware?

Does it work in OS X ?

Just to cover the obvious, it does work at 44100, 16-bit Stereo and 48000, 16-bit stereo?
Do you get an error message?
Is that a MacBook Pro?

If you are using MME host in Device Toolbar on Windows, it resamples everything to 44100 Hz.

Try using Windows DirectSound host in Device Toolbar.

How exactly does the DAC acknowledge the sample rate or measure the spectrum?


I have tested Audacity in the following configs:

  1. OSX 10.8.5 on MacBk Retina running Audacity 2.0.4. No joy.
  2. VMWare Win7 enterprise on same MacBk w/Audacity 2.0.5. Windows SPDIF config dialogue box successfully produced 44.1 to 192 kHz sample to TEAC UD-H01. TEAC responded perfectly. Audacity WORKED :slight_smile: recognized the TEAC in the output selector box. Have to make sure all rates are selected in WIn7 SPDIF dialogue box.
  3. Win7 enterprise on Boot Camp iMAC 27. TEAC DAC responded to all Win7 test sample rates. Audacity WORKED. Need to make sure all possible rates are manually selected in SPDIF dialogue box. Audacity cannot down-sample to lower rate unless you manually select the rate desired in the Win7 SPDIF dialogue box.
  4. Trouble shot MacBk again. Upgraded to Audacity 2.0.5 on OSX. No Joy.
  5. Appears to be some Audacity incompatibility with TEAC driver: http://www.teac.com/product/ud-h01/downloads/ running on OSX. ???

Thanks for the details but we can’t see your computer so you need to describe exactly where dialogue boxes are. I don’t know where the “Windows SPDIF config dialogue box” is or in what sense it “successfully produced 44.1 to 192 kHz sample to TEAC UD-H01”.

When you say Audacity on Windows recognized the TEAC in the output selector box, are you talking about Audacity’s Device Toolbar ?

Sorry, but I don’t know where you mean. Default Format in Windows “Sound” does not let you select multiple sample rates.

Sorry, but the information is meaningless without knowing what dialogue box you mean or what host is chosen in Device Toolbar .

You are probably best to choose Windows DirectSound or Windows WDM-KS host (only in 2.0.4, but it may cause a crash). If you choose DirectSound you are probably better to enable “Exclusive Mode” for the TEAK playback device in Windows “Sound”. This should enable Audacity to send the sample rate direct to the sound device.

As on Windows, advanced devices may need sample rates matched everywhere, in the system, the device and in the Audacity project rate. On Mac, you may need to settle on the rate you want and stick to it.

“No Joy” doesn’t tell us what exactly happens on Mac. Can you see the TEAC as an output device in Audacity’s Device Toolbar? Are you saying that Audacity will only send 44100 Hz audio to TEAC, or something else?

Have you followed the instructions in the PDF that comes with the Mac driver download? That is, have you selected the TEAC as output device in the System Preferences for Sound? Have you opened /Applications/Utilities/Audio MIDI Setup and set the TEAC to 192000 Hz, 2-ch 24-bit?