cutting vocals

I have downloaded a rap version of the 12 days of christmas and want cut the vocals. Still not able to do it even after watching every Youtube information about how to remove the vocals. Is there another new way?

cheers Franziska

The YouTube version usually has you splitting the stereo track and inverting one of the two, etc, etc, etc. You can do that much easier with Effect > Vocal Removal which has all of those steps baked into one tool.

However, the majority of songs don’t work very well. The songs in the YouTube tutorials were celebrities and chosen either intentionally or accidentally to work. Most songs don’t. Just downloading an MP3 song sometimes messes up the stereo imaging enough so they stop working and the song does have to be in perfect stereo, not a mono song “converted” to stereo.

Stereo vocal effects kill you because the stereo effects hang around after you get rid of the main voice.

As a fuzzy rule, if you get the same song they used in the YouTube video and in the same quality, yours will work, too.