Cutting time from multiple tracks


I have just started learning Audacity, have watched quite a few videos and started to practice with it. At the moment I am trying to record a composition my son has done . Its piano and clarinet - a Theme and Variations. The problem I have is I need to cut out some time (that was left between the Variations) from all the tracks at the saome time. So for instance at 2.00 min into the piece I want to cut 10 secs from all the tracks.

Could anyone point me in the right direction on how to do this on where to find instructions on how to do it?


There are several ways:

If you can see all the tracks on screen at the same time, the quickest way is to click in the top track at the place that you want the selection to start (the part that you will delete), then drag down and across to complete the selection in all tracks. (also works if you drag up from the bottom track).

If there are too many tracks to fit on, then it may be easier to make the selection in (any) one track, then
“Edit menu > Select > In all tracks” (shortcut: Ctrl + Shift + K)

After making the selection, press the Del key to delete.

(“Delete” and “Cut” are also in the “Edit” menu. See also the options in “Edit menu > Remove Special”)

Shortcut keys:
Delete: Del or Ctrl + K
Cut: Ctrl + X

Split Delete: Alt + Ctrl + K
Split Cut: Alt + Ctrl + X

For more shortcuts, see:

If you need to adjust the selection, you can drag an edge of the selection by holding down the Shift key, then click and drag the edge. If you are close enough to the edge of the selection with the mouse pointer, you don’t need to hold down the Shift key - the pointer will turn into a ↔ and you can just click and drag.

The selection may also be set and/or adjusted using the Selection Toolbar.

For more tips about selecting audio, see:

Thanks for the reply. I will have a look at the edit>select all tracks method.

I have actually just managed to figure out how to do it but it was cumbersoe. I selected the section I wanted cutting on one track and holding down shift clicked on the left hand side of all the ther tracks and deleted.

Just to add, Audacity Team does not make or vet videos about Audacity. Most videos about Audacity are for old versions and some are plain wrong.