Cutting down multiple audio files at the same time

I currently have 30 separate audio files, each of them 3 seconds long. I want to cut them all down to 0.1 seconds. How do I do this quickly? So far I’ve been opening one file at a time, selecting 0.1 seconds worth of audio, then doing export selection.

If I open all of them at once, and shift-click to select a 0.1 second interval for all of them, I’m stuck with nothing to export. Export multiple will export their entire length, and export selection will combine them all to a single file - and I want to keep them separate.

Any ideas on how to do this? Thanks!

Have you looked at the Chain commands? Chains is the Audacity version of Batch Processing.


The first 0.1 seconds, the last 0.1 seconds, the middle 0.1 seconds, or some other 0.1 seconds?

Any 0.1 seconds, the audio files are square waves so I don’t mind where the .1 seconds come from

One way to do it:

Import all of the files.
Select 0.1 seconds in one of the tracks.
Ctrl+Shift+K to “Select in all tracks”.
Ctrl+T to trim
File menu > Export Multiple (based on tracks).