Cutting down audio to 1 min

Whenever I import audio, it’s been cutting a 4 min piece down to a 1 min. I have over 200GB free on my hard drive. I have reinstalled the application, disabled effects, and made sure I was on the most recent update. Not quite sure what’s going on

Why do you say that? Do you have screenshots or audio files you wish to share ?

What’s the file format?

Is it cutting off the last part… Playing the 1st minute? And the 1st minute plays OK?

And the whole thing plays in Windows Media Player (or whatever player software you’re using)?

…There are a lot of “imperfect” MP3s out there and Audacity seems to be more picky than other software. If it’s MP3 or any other compressed format, try converting it to WAV with a 3rd-party program. Then you should be able to open it in Audacity and when you export to your desired format your new file should be good.

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