Cutting beginning of audio clip

Apologies for asking what is probably a very basic question but I’ve been trying for hours to save my edited audio clip without including the first 47 seconds. When I click on the play arrow it starts playing 47 seconds before the desired starting point and I can see the curser travelling over those 47 seconds. I’m sure that my edited clip should be starting at ‘0’ on the timeline but it isn’t. I’ve looked at the manual for instructions but I’m obviously not looking in the correct spot. Any help would be most gratefully appreciated.
Audacity clip.jpg

Select/highlight the silence and hit the Del key, or Edit → Delete.

You can zoom-in to drag & adjust the end of the selection if you want to get more precise, Or you might want to do it in two steps, deleting most of it first, then zooming-in for the 2nd cut.

Alternatively you can resize the clip by dragging the left edge to the right (See:
Then move the clip to the left so that it starts at time = 0 (See: